Ivan McLean

1 of 3 spheres installed in the plaza of the Performing Arts Center, Cal Poly. From the artist: Whether you call them orbs, balls, or spheres, these shapes are intrinsic to our lives - from the tiniest atoms of matter, to a sun that energizes that matter. Imagine 3 spheres, (10, 7, and 5 feet across) laid out across the plaza. They are massive, yet ephemeral, playful while thought provoking. They seem to possess an inner power, appearing as if they are about to levitate, and casting intriguing shadows that are constantly changing with the movement of the Sun. The largest sphere will be placed near the benches on the east side of the plaza while the other two are placed near the benches on the west side. Having the spheres located on each side of the plaza will create a link between the large plaza, thus unifying the vast, open space.

The spheres will be constructed of 3/8” round stainless steel bar in a welded geometric pattern.

stainless steel
Performing Arts Center
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