Policies and Procedures

University Art Acquisition and Oversight Policy, CAP 180

The University Art Acquisition and Oversight Policy serves as the campus wide guiding policy for the stewardship of campus art collections and authorizes the establishment of a University standing committee, the Art Acquisition Committee (AAC).

Art Acquisition Committee

The Art Acquisition Committee (AAC) serves as the lead advisory group guiding the campus in the development of the University Art Collections. The AAC considers the artistic merit and adherence to the CAP 180 “University Art Acquisition and Oversight Policy” regarding artwork proposed for acquisition. The AAC recommends policy, guidelines and procedures on the oversight, use, display and other implementation of the university art collections, including collecting scope, acquisition, management and deaccession of artwork.

How to propose an acquisition

Artwork that is acquired for the campus, whether donated or purchased, is reviewed prior to acquisition or commission. The review process—depending on the nature of the acquisition, includes University Advancement, Facilities, the Art Acquisition Committee and other committees such as the Campus Landscape Committee, and the Campus Planning Committee.

The first step in proposing an acquisition is to complete the proposal form below and email to: lib-artcollection@calpoly.edu

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