Crater Lake Gigapan Panorama\n

Crater Lake Gigapan Panorama\n
Brian P. Lawler

“Crater Lake Gigapan Panorama,” digital photographic print by Brian P. Lawler, depicts a panoramic view of the west rim of Crater Lake located in Klamath County, Oregon. Lawler took 715 photos at the point: 122.168W, 42.946N where the elevation is 7,586 ft. The location is also just yards from a public lookout, seen on the right of the image, on Rim Drive at Crater Lake National Park. The photograph shows three tour boats, which can take tourists around the lake to see its grandeur from the water level. There is also a buoy on the lake, which indicates the point of its greatest depth. Lawler used a Canon 5D Mark III with a 100-400 mm telephoto lens to capture the photograph.The focal length for the images was 300 mm. Lawler stitched the 715 photographs together to create the final image, which was 33 GB in size, but reduced to about 19 GB for the final installation.

The image was printed on six vertical aluminum panels by dye-sublimation printing. A paper inkjet “donor” print is made, then the image is transferred by heat and pressure to the panels. The panels were printed with a one-inch overlap, then trimmed to exact size and mounted on the wall using aluminum bars. The image is on display at Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics (Building 180, second floor) on California Polytechnic State University's campus, where Lawler teaches. COSAM technicians Doug and Rob Brewster did the installation, and also invented the mounting brackets that made the large installation possible. Lawler has been a professor of Graphic Communications since 1999, as well as a Graphic Design Consultant, Photojournalist, and Typographer. Taken on June 10, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

College Of Science And Mathematics
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