Lilies, Gray Wall

Lilies, Gray Wall
David Settino Scott

Lilies, gray wall. 44"x56" Oil on board by artist David Settino Scott. Depicts lilies in vase. Frame hand-constructed by the artist.

The installation of this artwork is in honor of: Kathleen Enz Finken, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, California Polytechnic State University (for her years of service, 2012–2019)

David Settino Scott (b. 1938, American)

Raised in an Italian-American family in Southern California, David Settino Scott became interested in art while serving in the U.S. Navy. Following his studies at San Bernardino Valley and Claremont Colleges—where he studied painting with Hilda Mohle—he tried to adapt to the contemporary art trends that prevailed in the 1960s and 1970s, but these failed to “capture his heart” and he withdrew from the art world. Ever the experimenter, Settino Scott opened a West Hollywood sandal shop, served as a flight instructor, and worked as a modeler on the films Star Wars (1977) and Caddyshack (1980) before returning to art full-time in 1982. From his San Miguel studio located on California’s Central Coast, he experiments with many different mediums including sculpture, painting, and mixed-media. His work can be found in California and Washington D.C. museums as well as in the private collections of Whoopi Goldberg, Marc Norman (Shakespeare in Love), Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld), photographer Guy Webster, and artist James Turrell, among many others.

Throughout his lifetime he has not only created influential works of art, but also formed lifelong connections that have positively impacted the lives of many through his guiding philosophy of creating a more peaceful world.

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Oil on Board
Robert E. Kennedy Library
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